DM Hair Parlor
   If you're looking for a warm, luxurious, calm, relaxing, yet vibrant and peaceful atmosphere; then you've found the right Place. Divine Miracles is dedicated to gratifying your experience with our top-quality, pamepering and preeminent services and products that will cater to your every Beauty need as well as your total well-being.



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  Meet The Owner​​
     De-Borah Champion a.k.a. Ms. Dee is a 3rd generational Hair Stylist who was born with William's Syndrome and Arnold Chiari Malformation. She is a 2 time brain surgery survivor. She is a Licensed Advance Cosmetologist, A Mayvenn Certified Stylist and Educator who is qualified to teach at any Cosmetology School. She aspires to enroll in US Trichology Institute in Albany, New York late Fall 2019 to pick up 2 Online Courses and obtain the Hair Loss Practitioner and Associate Trichologist Certifications which will increase clientele enabling her to be a great asset to patients suffering from Hair-loss as a result of Chemotherapy, Perscription Medication, Menopause and all types of Alopecia and Generational Illnesses. 

     Ms. Dee has a love for learning and intends to continue her studies in Health and Sciences in order that she may empower and build the self-esteem of her clients. She not only cares about your appearance but she cares about your overall health in order to maximize your Beauty inside and out.